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Edith Stein Project

February 10-11th, 2012

Conference on Encountering Vulnerability: Courage, Hope and Trust in the 21st Century.
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Edith Stein LogoWhat is the Edith Stein Project (ESP)?The Edith Stein Project is an annual conference that takes place in February at the University of Notre Dame. It is an entirely student-run and student-organized project. Each year has a different theme (see the “Past Conferences” page), but the conference’s purpose remains the same: to address the profound issues of human dignity, identity and sexuality that are so central to the life of a college student. The conference attempts to look at both the societal and the personal dimension of these issues, particularly as they pertain to women.

For more informationon the history and mission of ESP, please take a look at the “About Edith Stein Project” page or “The Mission of the Project” page.Link Here.


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