2017 IASPES Conference Publication

3 March 2022
Dear IASPES colleagues and friends,

I am pleased to share news that Springer International Press has confirmed publication of the new book, Ethics and Metaphysics in the Philosophy of Edith Stein: Applications and Implications. This book is designated as Volume 12 of Springer's "Women in the History of Philosophy and Sciences" series and is now available for order on Amazon.com.  The collection of 16 chapters are drawn from original talks and manuscripts presented at the 2017 IASPES Conference held at the University of Portland in Oregon, USA.  Due to the covid-19 pandemic, bureaucratic and editing processes involved in publication took (much) longer than initially anticipated.

The book is 430 pages in length and available in paper copy and e-book format.  Here is Springer's description of the project:

This book is dedicated to Edith Stein (1891–1942), who is known widely for her contributions to metaphysics. Though she never produced a dedicated work on questions of ethics, her corpus is replete with pertinent reflections. 

This book is the first major scholarly volume dedicated to exploring Stein’s ethical thought, not only for its wide-ranging content, from her earlier to later works, but also for its applications to such fields as psychology, theology, education, politics, law, and culture. Leading international scholars come together to provide a systematic account of Stein’s ethics, highlighting its relation to Stein’s highly developed and complex metaphysics. Questions about the good, evil, the rights and ethical comportment of the person, the state, and feminism are addressed. 

Thanks especially to the following authors whose chapters are included in the final book project:
Marian Maskulak, CPS
Melinda Jolly
Jacob Torbeck
Michele Kueter Petersen
William Tullius
Lauren Lovestone
Sarah Borden Sharkey
Martina Galvani
C. M. Wulf
Angela Ales Bello
Anna Maria Pezzella
Antonio Calcagno
Mary J. Gennuso
Paulina Monjaraz Fuentes
John Sullivan, OCD
Michael F. Andrews

On behalf of Antonio Calcagno (co-editor), please accept our sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who helped make this publication a reality.

Warmest regards,
Michael F. Andrews, PhD

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