IASPES Newsletter, September 2011


Dear All,

The Inaugural Conference of IASPES took place between the 22nd-27th June, 2011 at Maynooth. A selection of photographs taken at the conference (by Stella) are available on flickr and can be accessed by going to this link:http://www.flickr.com/photos/66257229@N08/sets/72157627565516244/

The papers of the conference are currently being submitted for peer-review, they will eventually be published in the libri nigri series as - Edith Stein: Intersubjectivity, Humanity and Being (Nordhausen: Traugott Bautz). Series editor Hans Rainer Sepp. 

On the 25th September (tomorrow for USA, Canadian subscribers) it will be the 90th birthday of Susanne Biberstein Batzdorff. She is Edith Stein's niece (Erna Stein's daughter). Prof. Joyce Berkman points out that 'English speaking scholars are particularly grateful to Ms Batzdorff for her translations and publications of Stein's writings, her collaboration in the revised edition of Posselt's biography of Stein, and her volumes about Stein'. Prof. Berkman also notes that Ms Batzdorff has an outstanding collection of Stein's documents in her home in California. If you wish to express your gratitude to Susanne and wish her a happy birthday - her e-mail address is sbatz@sonic.net. IASPES sent a small gift to Ms Batzdorff on behalf of all its members.

There is also sad news to convey, Sr Josephine Koeppel 'passed peacefully to God' on Saturday 10th Sept., 2011. Sr Koeppel devoted many years of her life to the work of translating Stein's writings so that Stein would become more known in the English speaking world. Prof Borden Sharkey notes in an e-mail that Sr Koeppel 'lived [...] a beautiful life--[a life of] generosity and warmth with which she welcomed all interested in "Edith", as she would say". This expression of generosity and warmth is a permanent example to us all.  Sr Koeppel's obituary may be viewed here  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newsitem/obituary.aspx?n=josephine-koeppel-ida-klara-koeppel&pid=153617960. We give thanks for Sr Koeppel's life and work and extend our sincere sympathy to her family and community, may she rest in peace. 

For updates on up and coming conferences please see http://www.edithsteincircle.comcalendar . Finally, thank you to everyone who recently renewed their membership or became new members of the association.

Best wishes as the new academic year commences,

Mette, Haydn & Liz 

IASPES Committee


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