2023 Summer Academy

Freedom and Responsibility in the spirit of Edith Stein

Please note that the summer academy will be held in German so a good level understanding and communication in German is required (at least B1 as a guideline).

For reference, here are some details of the 2023 Summer Academy in English:

The summer academy addresses the question of freedom by focusing on both Edith Stein’s own understanding of freedom but also in the academic perspectives in which Edith Stein herself worked, including from biblical, theological, philosophical, anthropological and spiritual perspectives.

The German-language summer academy in Rome will include a mix of study, prayer, discussion, community and relaxation in the quiet atmosphere of the Pontifical Faculty Teresianum.

The topics include discussions around: the philosophical, theological and biblical foundations of freedom, the essence of personal freedom, freedom in social and political theory, freedom in psychology, and freedom and responsibility in the digital world.

Intended Audience:
The summer academy will be held in German is primarily aimed at students, young researchers or anyone (up to the age of 35) who has an inquisitive mind (not only in philosophy and theology). It is aimed at people under 35, but we will consider all applications (although, due to the restricted capacity, preference will be given to those in the target group).

Lectures and Speakers

Freedom: First Philosophical and Biblical-Theological Explorations

Em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Gabriel (Vienna)

„To rise above oneself in personal freedom.“
Edith Stein on absolute and conditional freedom

Em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz (Institut EUPHRat, Heiligenkreuz)

From Ethos to Nomos:
When should our Ethics become Laws? When should Civil Disobediance be Considered?

Dr. Małgorzata Vormayr-Bogaczyck (Universität Posnań)


Γνῶθι σεαυτόν! The Capacity of our Inner Being to make Free Decisions and the Consequent Responsibility towards Ourselves and Others.

Prim. Dr. David Oberreiter (Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Linz)


Theology meets Technology: Freedom and Responsibility in the Digital World

P. Dr. Lukasz Steinert OCD (Rome)

Prof. Dr. Edda Pulst (Westfälische Hochschule, Gelsenkirchen)

20th to 26th August 2023

Teresianum, Piazza di San Pancrazio 5A, I-00152 Roma, Italy.

The conference costs €300, which includes accomodation and board. Most rooms are private although some may be shared (when the maximum capacity is reached). Travel to and from the venue is not included. Capacity is limited to 20. Reductions for students are available on request.

You can register using this form.

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A event organised jointly by: Edith Stein Gesellschaft Österreich, Teresianum Theological Faculty Rome, Teresianischen Karmel in Österreich, and KHG Wien.

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