Links to Other Institutions

English Speaking:

1. Carmelitana Collection:  Link here

2. Edith Stein Research Centre, Spalding University, Louisville, KY, USA.

3. Institute of Carmelite Studies Publications:  Link here

4. Institute of Philosophy at the Czech Academy of Sciences: Link here

5. Central-European Institute of Philosophy: Link here

6. Phenomenology Commons: Edith Stein: Link here

7. North American Society of Early Phenomenology: Link here

8. History of Women Philosophers and Scientists: Link here

French Speaking:

1. Le Carmel en France – Librairie du Carmel:  Link here.

German Speaking:

1. Edith Stein verbindet: Link here

2. Deutsche National Bibliothek:  Link here

3. Edith Stein Archive Cologne:  Link here

4. Edith Stein Gesamtausgabe, Verlag Herder:  Link here

5. Edith Stein Gesellschaft Deutschland:  Link here

6. Handschriftenrecherche:  Link here

7. Internationales Edith-Stein-Institut Würzburg, Karmelitenkloster Würzburg, Sanderstrasse 12, 97070 Würzburg

Italian Speaking:

1. Associazione italiana Edith Stein:  Link here

2. Centro Studi Edith Stein:  Link here

Polish Speaking:

1. Dom Edyty Stein:  Link Here

2. Centrum Badań im. Edyty Stein: Link here

Journal: Link here

Spanish Speaking:

1. Instituto de Filosofía Edith Stein:  Link here

2. Steiniana: Revista de Estudios Interdisciplinarios: Link here


Czech Speaking:

1. Department of Contemporary Continental Philosophy of the Institute of Philosophy at the Czech Academy of Sciences: Link here 



1. Bibliographia Internationalis Spiritualitatis Online of the Pontifical Theological Faculty of the Teresianum: Link here