IASPES website has now gone online.

Dear Members,

The International Association for the Study of the Philosophy of Edith Stein (IASPES) website has now gone online.

The site is comprised of several sections:

1. The Welcome page gives an overall summary of the purpose of the site and it also provides a summary of Stein's philosophical trajectory.

2. In terms of Stein's Biography - we have considered Stein's life in terms of her academic journey and also in relation to a chronology of her writings. Some work is still required in terms of the chronology of writings to take account of all publications in the various editions.

3. On the Members' page of the site we have endeavoured to provide;

(i) a photograph of current members,

(ii) the name of their institution and

(iii) a link to their academic home page.

We would encourage those members currently without photographs to consider sending a photograph.

4. The Editions section of the site outlines the two German editions of Stein's works which are ESW and ESGA. Links are also provided to the publisher (Herder).

The sub-heading in the Editions section, relates to Translations, here links are currently provided to the English translations of Stein's works (published by CWES) and links are given for French translations (published by, Ad Solem, Cerf, Nauwelaerts). We would welcome information on publications in other languages especially Italian and Spanish.

5. In the Research section, we propose to list post-graduate students working on Stein's philosophy.

6. Finally, in the latter part of the site there are Links to other institutions, an outline of How to become a member and also most importantly a Calendar and Events page. We would be delighted to list Stein events in our Calendar, please forward them to us via e-mail with a flyer or link.

We would encourage you to read through the site at your leisure and to inform us of any issues that might have been overlooked in the formatting of the site.

Thank you for helping us create this website via your contributions. We look forward to meeting you for our Inaugural IASPES meeting in 2011 at NUI, Maynooth. You will notice in the Calendar section we have provisionally booked dates for this conference which will be held at the end of June. Please pencil these dates into your diaries.

IASPES Committee

28 Jan., 2010.

'Human beings are called to live in their inmost region and to have themselves as much in hand as is possible only from that center-point; only from there can they rightly come to terms with the world. Only from there can they find the place in the world that has been intended for them. This inmost region has been laid in the hand of human beings; they can make use of it in complete freedom but they also have the duty to guard it as a precious good entrusted to them. It must be given great value.' (Science of the Cross 158-160).

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